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imagesIn this new, social, virtual, collaborative world, I’m often asked for “real” examples of the value of collaboration or how all this social media “stuff” is going to make a difference.  As with any “paradigm shift” or “bubble,” depending upon your level of cynicism, much media attention has been and is expended watching the social network, Enterprise 2.0, Web 2.0 spaces in search of those answers.  And, though I’m no expert, I’ve included a few decent stories below which show just how innovative we can be with this “stuff”:

We now have the chance to not only watch one particularly important example be hashed out publicly, but to participate in it as well.  President-elect Obama’s transition team has setup a new site to communicate but also to crowdsource the answers to our most challenging problems as a country, society and global community.  Mashable nicely summarizes the site so far:

For the moment, the site is a bit of a prelude to the successful election, but the continuation of the user involvement we saw during the campaign is evident as well. The site is currently asking users to share their stories from election night, which, for at least around 53% of the American voting public, seemed to be a pretty memorable occasion judging from the TV coverage. There’s also a “Submit Your Vision” section, where Obama asks “Where should we start together?”

Additionally, it would appear that Obama will definitely be making use of the Web and social media to encourage public service. Change.gov features a top-level link to “America Serves,” which, currently is just a policy outline, but does point to the Web playing a pivotal role in this aspect of his administration.

This, most definitely, is not your papa’s government….

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As per Esteban’s comments on my last post, I thought it would be helpful to list some of the more real examples of how enterprises are Greening IT.  Most initiatives are focused primarily on energy efficiency.  I believe this is a common trend, because “green” is still equated with “more expensive” and reducing energy costs is the easiest way to quantify why IT should go green.  It is also the biggest, low hanging fruit!

I felt it more important to research those initiatives completed or in process by non-technology enterprises, rather than on technology manufacturers.  Most hardware manufacturers are focusing on producing products with greater energy efficiency, lowering heat emissions from products and offering free recycling programs for products.  And, most software manufacturers are focusing on reducing the need to travel/meet in person or on reducing the use of paper in the office as well as between a business and its customers (e.g. banking, insurance).

Google is included, however, because it spans both the enterprise and manufacturer role to some degree, and is so far ahead of most, I would be remiss in leaving it out.

Completed/In Process


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I’ve recently stumbled upon (no pun intended) a number of insightful best practices and tips centered around enterprise collaboration, community management and social networking in general as well as around specific technologies/sites.  What are yours?

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Thanks to @elsua for tweeting this excellent set of tips on leveraging your RSS reader.  I find there is so much out there, it gets harder and harder to feel on top of things.  I would seriously lose my mind if not for my RSS reader, the Wizz News Reader add-on for Firefox.  The site’s suggestion to not feel obligated in reading everything from a feed is spot on…think of it like scanning a newspaper, most people just read what’s important to them and scan the rest.  Good advice in this age of information overload!

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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is definitely an interesting experiment, by Joss Whedon, to pull the entertainment industry, kicking and screaming, into the Web 2.0, audience-centric world.  I love the integration between the “blog” and iTunes…and it seems others do too: viewer overload crashed the site the first night while its availability/status was being tweeted to all those following DrHorrible.

This ‘Net event, for lack of a better word, is a bit campy and starts off a little slow, but by the end of Act I you’re definitely laughing and enjoying the off-Broadway-esque music.  Act II is even better.  It’s free for awhile (till midnight on Jul.20) then the people must pay…sounds like a model we all know, eh?

[editor added later] As usual, leave it up to the “community” and surprising things start to happen.

Do you think Dr. Horrible is a hit or a miss…??

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A great post by Brian Magierski on how many B2C companies are using Twitter to either respond to already major complaints, like the now infamous Comcast support tweet, or who are proactively getting into the social media space to prevent/address future complaints.

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Wow!  A great interview with Serena Software by Andrew McAfee (of HBS) on how it is using Facebook as its intranet.  Also interesting is its way of garnering participation through real-life efforts.

[editor added later] And the more common reality, thanks to Dion Hinchcliffe’s recent tweet today, is that one in four businesses block employee/network access to social networking sites.

[editor added Jul.18.08] and here may be one reason why it is blocked…

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